Deposit Data


If you want to archive a resource at CLARIND-UdS, please read the following text carefully. If you can answer the questions below with "yes", feel free to contact us.


  1. Does the resource fit to the mission of the CLARIND-UdS?
  2. Does the resource comply with disciplinary and ethical norms?
  3. Is the resource publication ready (stable, complete, and finished)?
  4. Is the resource described in a peer reviewed publication or used as a data basis for a peer reviewed publication?
  5. Are you able to provide metadata in Dublin Core format?
  6. Is the resource given in an accepted file format?
  7. Have you specified the licence under which the resource can be accessed, used, and distributed?
  8. Did you use due diligence to ensure compliance with legal regulations and contracts including, when applicable, regulations governing the protection of human subjects?

Deposition Agreement

The deposition agreement between CLARIND-UdS and the depositor contains the following points

  • The depositor grants the CLARIND-UdS a non-exclusive licence for the submitted digital data. CLARIND-UdS has the right to reproduce, translate (as defined below), and/or distribute the submitted data including the metadata.
  • The depositor agrees that the CLARIND-UdS may for purposes of preservation convert the submitted data to any medium or format.
  • The depositor agrees that CLARIND-UdS may produce copies of the submitted data for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.
  • CLARIND-UdS will not make any alteration to the data other than allowed by this licence.
  • The depositor warrants to the best of his/her knowledge that the submission does in no way infringe on anyone's copyright and/or breach any existing agreement(s).
  • The depositor acknowledges the (s)he has the right and power to enter into this agreement and indemnifies CLARIND-UdS against all claims made by third parties with regard to the submitted data.
  • CLARIND-UdS will explicitly identify the depositor’s name as author or owner of the submitted data.

Withdrawal of Data

If sufficient indispensable grounds exist, the depositor has the right to request the repository to withdraw the data temporarily or permanently. In this case, the UdS CLARIN-D centre will retain metadata of the resource telling that the data in question is no longer available.

If sufficient indispensable grounds exist, the repository has the right to remove data from the archive wholly or in part, or to restrict or prevent access to data on a temporary or permanent basis. The repository shall inform the depositor in such cases.


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