CLARIND-UdS: Search and Use Data


You can search the content of CLARIND-UdS using two interfaces.

The recommended search interface is the facetted search provided by the Virtual Langauge Observatory (VLO). It provides a user-friendly interface to the resources. It also provides search over a large number of repositories all over the world.

There is also a very succinct native Fedora Commons search interface. It provides a facetted search over all metadata fields Fedora Commons maintains. To go to the resource itself, you need another three mouse-clicks: Click on the link in the column labelled PID, Click then on "View the Datastreams list for this Object", and finally on "view content" in the row labelled LINK.

Accessing data

As data user you agree to the Terms of Use of the repository. Moreover, some contents can have restrictions regarding access and use that are stated in the CMDI metadata and on the landing page of the respective resource.

Citing data

Data Users must acknowledge and cite data sources properly in all publications and outputs.


To make reference to the GRUG, a resource deposited in our repository, you can use the following statement, which uses a handle as a persistent identifier instead of an URL:

Kapanadze, Oleg (2012). GRUG Parallel Treebank. hdl:11858/00-246C-0000-0006-C150-9

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