CLARIND-UdS: The structure of the repository

The repository has four interfaces to access data and metadata: An OAI-PMH provider, a metadata search page, an SRU/CQL server, and the landing pages of the resources.

The OAI provider delivers metadata in two formats, oai_dc and CMDI. It is indexed by the virtual language observatory (VLO).

The SRU/CQL server allow for full text search inside selected resources (currently GRUG, SaCoCo, and PolDiLemma). It is most conveniently accessed via the CLARIN Federated Content Search Aggregator.

The repository makes use of several CLARIN infrastructure components. The persistent identifiers (PIDs) are taken from EPIC, the VLO allows for convenient facetted metadata search, and the FCS aggregator allows for full text search in selected resources.

Struktur-Diagramm des Repositoriums

The data producer submits data iand metadata for archiving. For selected resources the data are prepared for full text search. The metadata are converted to CMDI format and enriched with additional information, e.g., the persitent identifiers registered by the repository.

The archive administration checks the integrity of the stored data using checksums.