The image of Germany in the Greek press


The corpus consists of newspaper articles from three Greek newspapers (Ta Nea, Risospastis, and To Vima) dealing with Germany from the Greek perspective.

The corpus contains around 3.5 million tokens in 7650 texts. It is annotated with lemma.


The corpus is provided in text format. Bibliographical information is encoded in the path to the file: It is composed of title of the newspaper, year, month, day, and rubric. The lemmata are stored in a separate tree of the same structure, the text files in that tree contain one lemma per line.


The texts are copyright by the respective newspapers and their authors. The corpus is available without a licencing fee for non-commercial academic research.

In order to get access to the corpus, print this form, fill the gaps and sign it. Send a signed copy to Jörg Knappen, Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes, Campus A2.2, 66123 Saarbrücken. You can also scan the signed form and send it by email to j.knappen @


Persistent identifier

Reference:  Alexianna Tsotsou, Das Image Deutschlands in der griechischen Presse im Zeitraum 2001–2013 Eine diskurslinguistische korpusorientierte Analyse, PhD thesis, Verlag Dr. Kovač, Hamburg, 2019

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